Media Relations

We drive media for some of the greatest tech success stories, particularly innovative dotcom, finance, gaming and mobile technologies. We deliver integrated traditional and social media campaigns that result in torrents of traffic, exponential growth and widespread brand recognition.

Our former journalists apply their insider perspective and editorial flair to outmaneuver your competition in the media. Because we understand the inner workings of the media, we're able to give the right people the right stories before your competitors have drafted a press release.It's why our clients are the shining stars of their sectors in top tier media like the Financial Times, the biggest technology blogs like Techcrunch, in addition to their industry trade publications.

Having the right relationships is especially important now that the media pool has reduced; fewer journalists and the same amount of companies promoting themselves makes using an agency that knows the press well ever more important.

We are proud of our long-standing relationships with the media. Our expertise spans publishers, editors, features, travel, lifestyle, food, business, fashion, spa/beauty writers and social media. However, we don't stand still and rely on those relationships, we know how to build newsworthy stories from start to finish. We keep an alert eye on consumer trends and industry trends and build packages for our clients that communicate their messages in a newsworthy manner.