In advertising and public relations, the account management department links the agency and the client - it represents the agency to the client, as well as the client to the agency. Account management brings business to the agency and ultimately, is responsible for the quality of the advertisement or public relations campaign.

Firms in public relations services offer one or more resources that clients cannot provide themselves. Usually this resource is expertise in the form of knowledge, experience, special skills or creativity; but sometimes, the resource is time or personnel that the client cannot spare. Clients of public relations firms include all types of businesses, institutions, trades and public interest groups, and even high-profile individuals. Clients are large and small for-profit firms in the private sector; state, local or federal governments; hospitals, universities, unions and trade groups; and foreign governments or businesses.

At a Glance

Public relations plays a very significant role in our daily lives. If used properly it can inform, educate, reassure, arouse interest or result in the acceptance of a situation. Today, public relations affects all types of organizations. Public relations is all about communication between an organization and all those with whom it has any form of contact. So, if you are creative, analytical and good with words, then a career in public relations beckons.


This involves providing advice to management concerning policies, relationships and communications.


Determining attitudes and behaviors of the public in order to plan public strategies.

Media Relations

Working with mass media in seeking publicity or responding to their interests in the organization.


Disseminating planned messages through selected media to promote the organization's interests.