About Us

Chakra Public Relations is a forward-thinking PR agency working with the best of the best in the travel and tourism sector, international real estate and lifestyle-related industries

What do we do?

We take a strategic approach. We don't just send out press releases or simply invite journalists on press trips. Instead, we plan a set of carefully crafted objectives then use a potent mix of creativity and strategy to meet them.

How do we work?

Avoiding obvious, superficial solutions, we devise tailor-made campaigns that precisely meet our client's needs. More often than not, these result from lateral leaps of imagination. The ideas may be 'off-the-wall' but they're always on strategy.

Chakra Public Relations is a cultural communications agency focusing on profile-raising, brand management and revenue generation. Founded in 2009 by Digby Halsby and Wol Balston, the agency directs integrated 360 promotional campaigns that deliver comprehensive print, broadcast and digital media exposure whilst developing meaningful strategic alliances and brand affiliations for our clients. With Chakra Public Relations based in Bangalore, an office in Istanbul and an affiliate agency in New York, Chakra Public Relations offers a truly international cultural communications service.